Booster Plant Genetics Pvt. Ltd.

(Seeds,Pesticides,WSF,Growth Promoters)

About Booster Group of Companies

Booster Group of companies are established with a cause to make farmer efficient, and powerful to make his own choices related to farming and educate him with latest trends, technology and practices which will save the cost of production and achieve maximum yields resulting farmer prosperity.

The Companies under Booster Group are

  • Booster Plant Genetics Pvt. Ltd.(Seeds,Pesticides,WSF,Growth Promoters)
  • Paris Agrotech (Research Plant Growth Harmons)
  • Pasmo Global Trade LLP (Implements & co-products)
  • Pragati Prakashan(Agriculture information Books)


To serve our nation by increasing crop yields and growth of farmers and profits to agricultural trade.



We aim to be at pinnacle in Agro inputs and services.To provide best quality products at affordable prices.

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Seeds are the basic need of farmers. There is a saying that pure seeded fruit is juicy & sweet. Alth
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The cost of pest control is increasing day by day, which is reducing the per acre profit of farmers.
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The importance of micronutrients is increasing day by day due to declining soil fertility. We have b
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Water Soluble Fertilizers

There is a growing trend to meet the need for nutrients by spraying large amounts of soluble fertili
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Paris agrotech

Stimulants and hormones are of paramount importance in increasing crop yields, but there is a great
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Farmer Testimonials

I have been taking guidance from Shri Gajanan Jadhav Saheb for the last few years. "I'm using different solutions and new technologies on agriculture, if I have a problem with agriculture, I call the organization's phone number and ask my questions and I get my answer right away," he said. I am grateful to the organization as well as the whole team at Booster Plant Genetics as well as Paris Agrotech.

Sopan Kisanrao Gore Mr. Hivpuri District Jalna 9860159977

I took the jowar crop under the guidance of Jadhav sir and managed it as he told me, I got very good jowar crops, i used three kilos of seeds per acre and used fertilizer spraying and thyrum etc. etc. as he told me and after using this, my jowar crop came very well and I am happy.

Chakradhar Ajit Khandare Limbala taluka district Hingoli 9763413557

I managed the wheat crop under the guidance of Jadhav Saheb and I was also taking all the information about the precautions I should take for the wheat crop, and on a couple of occasions company representatives came to my field and they inspected my field.

Madan Sarjerao Aghav Sarkate Vajari Taluka Mantha District Jalna Md. 8888524206

I planted cotton in the BBF manner as described by Jadhav saheb and also sprayed it as saheb told me, and as a result, the amount of pink bollworm in my cotton was also found to be very low and I also produced a large quantity.  Hello!

vijay avchit R. Agpuri taluka Ghatanji district Yavatmal

For more details download Booster Paris brochure.

For more details download Pragati Prakashan brochure.