Infrastructure 1

Land for R&D and plant Processing Plant Training centre Storage Facility Polyhouse Corporate Office
62.5 acres, Jalna Dist Dist Machinery :Total 12TPH processing machines & latest packaging & labelling machines. 4000 sq.ft 78000 sq.ft, Gevrai - 38k - 12TPH, Chikhli - 20k - 4TPH, Mehkar - 20k - 4 TPH 12000 sq.ft 2700 sq.ft Beed Bypass, Aurangabad

Training Center

At Booster Plant Genetics Pvt. Ltd. we believe in knowledge sharing and building our team by empowering them with all in depth product and field knowledge and this takes place at supportive environment at our Training center. We have completed more than 250+ trainings of our team and our farmers at this premise other than field trainings.

Training center

First Godown


With the blessings of Shri. Gajanan Maharaj Ji, we inaugurated our first modern storage facility for Seed on 1st Jan 2020, which is a 22000 Sq ft warehouse

Processing Plant

Our processing plant is an outcome of various trails and errors and research to eradicate all the loopholes in Seed processing. Our Processing facility includes finest equipment’s with top notch care to prevent seed and its quality to germinate

Processing unit

Corporate Office

The Corporate Office was inaugurated on 12th Jan 2019 at Aurangabad. The facility is well enough to accommodate 50+ managerial positions with a comfort of healthy environment & infrastructure.

Second Godown

With the blessings of Shri. Gajanan Maharaj Ji, we inaugurated our 2nd modern storage facility of 25000 Sq. Ft. on 1st Jan 2021.

Staff Quarter


Booster Staff quarters are accommodation facility for staff to prevent late travels and ease of working.


Polyhouse facility for advance farming and to study crops all 12 months with built in controlled environment, as our belief is to keep innovating.


Germination Chamber

Germination center

Even being a growing organization, we have not compromised on modern infrastructure to be at par on product quality and Services too. And hence our decision for Germination chamber was successful for us to evaluate the best.

Third Godawon

With the blessings of Shri. Gajanan Maharaj Ji, we inaugurated our 3rd warehouse facility on 1st Jan 2022, which is the highest of all i.e. 35000 Sq. Ft.

Third godawon center

R&D Farm

RND office

Research and development at micro level is our foundation and for the same we have 43 acres of R&D facility for working on varieties which will solve farmer problems for years in future.

Farmer Call Center

To be in touch with farmers and solving their day-to-day crop specific queries, we have our independent call center with more than 100 lines and a team of professionals to answer crop specific queries targeted towards getting higher yields in minimal expenses. We receive more than 7000 calls per day and our total attended calls in year 20-21 were 14 lacs.

Mehkar Godown


Our Custom leased plant at Mehkar

Chikhli Godown

Our Custom leased plant at Chikhli