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The strength of Booster Group of Companies is its depth of research and development in several fields as well as vegetable crops such as Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds such as Maize, Pearl millet, Paddy, Wheat, Pigeon Pea, Green Gram, Black Gram, Chickpea, Soybean, Cotton & Vegetables like Onion, Okra,Chilli, Tomato & Gourds.

Booster Plant Genetics Pvt.Ltd. is DSIR recognized, research-oriented organization. Our constant efforts drive for achieving excellence in developing crop and segment-specific products which will work as solutions to our end-user customers.

Team R&D is working on multiple verticals in field and vegetable crops as mentioned above and in near future will be creating miracles by placing crop & segment-specific products in the market.


Seeds for the better future....

Our mission is to produce the best quality seeds to fulfil the needs of Indian farmers. The company started with the MISSION so as to uplift the farmers who are mainly dependent on Agriculture. For this, we produce and supply good quality seeds to the internal & external customers and ultimately for the farmers...


  • Our focus target is to breed high yielding cultivars with improved quality in the field & vegetable crops with specific traits along with tolerance to biotic & abiotic stress.
  • The aim is to increase farmers yield along with the reduction in the cost of cultivation.
  • To contribute to uplift the farmers lives by increasing the crop yields.
  • To serve our nation by increasing crop productivity with increasing farm income.
  • We aim to improve not only yields but also the quality of products that will fetch a good price in the market.


  • Booster R&D has a strong germplasm base with a focus on core breeding activities to create germplasm diversity.
  • Booster R&D has good ongoing crop-wise breeding projects with product pipelines.
  • Booster R&D has a large field facility for crop-specific product development & testing along with the screening of crop-specific germplasm against biotech &abiotic stress.
  • Booster R&D has a well-equipped QC & Biotech laboratory facility.
  • Booster R&D have a dedicated and experienced team of scientists which includes experienced Breeders, Biotechnologist, Agronomist, Entomologist & Pathologist.
  • Booster has a strong set up of seed supply chain of production & foundation separately.
  • Booster has a strong network of marketing with a large group of farmers connect.

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